Public Speaking

Working with partners ranging from corporates to local government, delivering talks to inspire and motivate. The common thread is the power of movement, connection and community, while drawing upon my own experiences of creating change.

Human Performance Coaching

Starting out on the road to physical and mental change is hard. We lead with heart, we have bodies that bite back and those around us can be our biggest hurdles. Happiness doesn't just come from lifting heavy weights or running a marathon. You have to look at the whole package, from mind, body, home and office. I work with a select number of private clients, in person or via online coaching, utilising 20 years of experience combining fitness, run, life and career coaching.


This is how it all started for me. Most of us start running later on in life and are all consumed by injury or other people’s expectations of what time you should run that marathon in. I start with technique, helping people drill into good movement patterns, taking pressure off desk bound bodies. We then understand everything it takes to fly through the miles, from mobility, strength, training plans and more.

Corporate Wellness Consulting

Wellness in the workplace needs to go beyond a 15 minute massage at the desk. Myself and the ChasingLights team work with companies to help them understand how to reduce stress and absenteeism, while increasing talent retention and motivation in the workforce. If you’ve CSR money and feel like spending it in a unique way that can make a difference to you and your team, we can help with that.