I Stopped Doing What I Loved and Here's What I Learned

growth Dec 20, 2020

I haven't been honest with myself.

As your guide, that's not a good place to be.

I've been reading "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Within it, Gilbert talks about how we can live a more "creative life."

By creativity, she doesn't just mean arts and music.

"Creativity" can come to mean anything that makes you feel fulfilled, helping you move towards purpose.

It got me thinking a lot about Instagram and the reason I started my account in the first place.

But first, a backstory.

There was a time as a teenager where, for a singular moment, I felt connected to my Father.

He liked photography, and I wanted to like what he liked.

We went out for the day so he could teach me how to use his camera. Days out were rare, I don't recall many, if any, like it.

I remember holding that camera like it was the worlds largest and most precious vase. I didn't want to drop that vase. I didn't want to shatter this rare moment I had with my Dad into a million tiny pieces.

We walked around Covent Garden while he taught me about angles and light. I pointed that camera at strangers while standing next to the stranger I wanted to be closest to.

From that day, I have always had a flickering desire to spend more time looking through a lens. I guess we are the sum of our experiences.

I've picked up and put down many cameras over the years, and never entirely stayed consistent enough to make the hobby stick.

But every time I point my phone at a building, at a tree or the sky, I feel a connection to a moment in time where I had everything I ever wanted right next to me.

There was a time where Instagram was innocent, and I got to share those moments.

"I like this picture, and I'm going to post it for my friends."

But somehow It moved to,

"Why don't people like me?" "How do I get them to like me?"

As a Coach, I started to think about you, and not enough about me.

  • Post quotes...Some likes
  • Post videos...Some likes as long as "clickbait" title
  • Post pics of me smiling...Likes
  • Pics of Dudley (my Dog) and me...Lots of Likes

Social became a formula, and it's in part why I closed down my old accounts a couple of years ago.

As Gilbert eloquently expresses and for me to butcher. To live a creative life, you must follow the tiny flickering flame of passion that resides within you and create from that something that is for you and not for other people. Because when you genuinely make for you, without worrying what others think, big magic happens.

I like that.

I like the thought of putting this random blog out that's a little more personal than usual, along with my snaps of the world, without worrying about what you think. I like the thought of feeling connected to my past while trying to follow a passion that could be a massive part of my future if I nurture it.

I'm a crap photographer now, but what If I let that tiny flicker of a flame roar into a fire?

Who knows and who cares as long as I am doing what I love.

Finding purpose and feeling fulfilled ends when we extinguish these tiny flames that live deep inside us.

So my promise to you is to be a little more honest with putting the things I love in this world first, ahead of you!

I challenge you to do the same.

  • Hear your passions
  • Do it for you
  • Live fulfilled


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