Creating change in life is hard, as humans, we are not only wired to lead with negativity and fear, we are also under constant assault from culture telling us how we should look and feel as we go about our everyday lives. On the road, we think about speed and “personal bests,” while only 26.2 miles will do. In the gym, we must sweat hard, lift heavy and never give up, while Yogis have us believing that success comes in the shape of a crazy invert while drinking a Matcha Latte. The office is no different, work hard, play hard, first in, last out and always connected. We wonder why it’s so hard to take up meditation and “be more mindful?” The reality is our minds are spinning so fast, that merely closing our eyes and taking a breath, is not as easy as the pastel coloured adverts might suggest.

Cultural pressures influence how we train, work and live, creating narratives that stop us listening to our biology and the reason we started moving in the first place, to feel better about ourselves. Or we continually ignore warning signs our physiology forces us to say out loud…

“I need to exercise”

“I should probably rest more.”

“I always feel exhausted.”

“I need a day off.”

“I need a holiday so badly.”

“It was amazing just doing nothing.”

“I’m just not motivated.”

These are not empty words. This is your body telling you precisely what's needed, it’s millions of years of evolution expressing itself in a straightforward sentence.

As a Coach, my job is to help Athletes and Office workers make better decisions when it comes to buffering the stress of training, work and life through building a connection between the dots that connect physiology and psychology. I prioritise good movement, evolutionary tools to manage recovery and performance while developing a mindset where my athletes and corporate coachees begin to understand how to look after themselves with consistency and accountability,