Due to the exposure of the BBC project, I was asked to speak at various organisations on my journey, and from there my career within Public Speaking began.

For the past two years, I have been refining my keynote talk to be my trademark offering to organisations across Finance, Industry, Education, Government and start-ups, throughout the UK and Globally.

The primary purpose of my narrative is to explore the below with my audience. My talks are ever evolving and often furthered tailored based on the desired outcome from the partners I work with.

  • Raise awareness of Mental Health, while helping the audience understand that it is not "all in the head"

  • Understand how we are using various methods of distraction to numb the stress of the lives we live

  • To break down glass ceilings and internal pressures people place around movement, to be able to use it as a tool to manage stress, without it becoming a stress

  • Help give the audience a different lens to look at mental health, exercise and stress through

  • A clear outline of why and how employees should be engaging with wellbeing programmes”

The talk I’ve added on this page was the first ever talk I gave back in early 2017. Things have come far since then.

"Chevy was such a brilliant guy to work with. I was instantly drawn to him and the way he told his story, he is intriguing, honest and funny! I cruelly put him at the end of a long day, tough for anybody, but not Chevy; he captivated the audience, and held the stage like a true professional but had a way of making it feel like he was a friend chatting as opposed to a 'speaker’.

I whole heartedly recommend him, he reached out to everybody, and we had people from all walks of life in the room. People were discussing him for days afterwards, and a huge majority described his hour as the best hour of a 3 day conference. Just love him."

Spotify 2018

“Chevy delivered an incredible talk during our recent Wellbeing event. Chevy’s talk perfectly blended the key ingredients of being engaging, inspiring, emotional and funny. The feedback from colleagues was incredible and I can’t wait for another opportunity for us to work again – highly recommended. You blow us all away Chevy!”

Sainsburys & Argos 2019