Chevy Rough
Chevy Rough
The Mindful Mover


Chevy’s talk perfectly blended the key ingredients of being engaging, inspiring, emotional and funny.
— Sainsburys & Argos


My name is Chevy Rough (true story.)

My mission is to improve mental and physical health in Society, by giving people the energy and tools to get out of bed in the morning.

I’m no guru.

And I’m not trying to sell you the answers.

Because I have none.

I’ve lived through drug addiction and got stuck in depression.

And through the lessons these experiences presented.

I managed to learn a few things that helps ignite change in others.

I now have the pleasure of running a Wellbeing & Performance Group called ChasingProjects.

We’ve worked on amazing projects from Prisons to Sports Brands.

Helping them communicate the importance of Wellbeing to their communities.

We’ve even been on the telly and worked with the Royal Family,

I’m a CEO, public speaker, Performance Coach, husband and dog father to Dudley.

If you stick around, you may hear how he taught me the secret to Wellbeing.

I always promise I will commit resources to people who can’t afford the shiny trainers, a Coach or expensive gym memberships.

Amazing humans desperate to make change, but with limited resource.

If you want to hear about everything we offer free of charge, from weekly meetups, workshops and online resources.

Hit the link below. No spam, and a promise to help you move forward in life.


He captivated the audience, and held the stage like a true professional but had a way of making it feel like he was a friend chatting as opposed to a ‘speaker’.
— Spotify



Ambassador Roles



One of my biggest challenges, is combatting how culture fuels our perception of wellbeing.

Brands have told us to breathe slow, move fast and find the energy to create a 100 habits to success.

This leads us to not listening to our bodies, in fear of failure and seeking validation through personal bests.

Four years ago I embarked on a mission to play my part in shifting culture.

If I could sit at the table of a big sports brand, maybe we could do things differently.

The Universe listened, and I managed to work my way into partnering with the Global Strategy Team at ASICS.

My role is one part Global Ambassador, embodying the founding ethos of “Sound Mind, Sound Body.”

The second aspect is a 2 year contract with my company, ChasingProjects.

Our mission is to guide ASICS through the changing landscape of Wellbeing.

Poor mental health and stress is becoming a global epidemic.

It’s more important than ever that brands play there part in providing tools to change.

And with movement being so vital to our health, ASICS, with over 70 years of experience, is best place to support Society.

I’ve represented and worked with brands ranging from lululemon, CASIO, SPOTIFY and the BBC.

Interested in discussing how we can help your company communicate the importance of mind and body?

Follow the link below.

Mental Health Ambassador

I’m not shy in telling you about my relationship with Suicide.

Because the most likely thing to kill me as a man under the age of 45, is me.

In 2017 I worked on a BBC1 documentary, called “Mind over Marathon.”

My job was to Coach 10 people with Mental Health Conditions, to demonstrate how movement helps our minds.

The award winning show was a success, but my health wasn’t.

I became good at suffering in life, and antidepressants gave me the space to make change.

I started sharing my story of being a man, struggling to cope with his past, and the wonderful team at CALM called.

They’re a Charity leading a movement against Male Suicide, by providing tools for action.

My role is to keep sharing, while working on developings and tools around how movement can help keep the dark clouds away.

Myself and the ChasingTeam have always worked on causes close to our hearts.

We’ve supported Asylum seekers, prisoners, young people and those hiding at the back of the pack.

ChasingProjects core value is “Purpose over Profits.”

So if you’re an organisation that needs help, with zero fees attached.

Reach out via the link below.

Through one to one performance coaching and workshops, he’s challenged our best to push their boundaries in his own unique style. You won’t regret letting Chevy into your business or life!
— James Johnson CEO



Wellbeing & Performance Coaching

Working behind a desk for 15 years of my life took its toll, physically and mentally.

I felt a lack of purpose daily, while trying to hit other peoples targets.

The feeling of no control in work, begun to impact life outside.

The money became fuel for distraction, through drink and drugs.

Stress caught up with me, and I finally cracked.

I understand how hard it is to find the energy to get out of bed in the morning.

Since 2015, I’ve been building unique solutions to help employees do just that.

And in 2017, I launched a Wellbeing & Performance Consultancy called ChasingSummits.

Our mission is to combat work related stress, by providing tools being used at the forefront of Human Performance.

Tools delivered in a clear language and easily applicable into busy lives, with mentally diverse populations in mind.

Beyond the corporate work, every 3 months I open my books up to one to one clients.

Together we ignite change, and then layer over templates to improving mental and physical health.

Ultimately I try to be Coach I never had.

If you want to enquire about working with me, please click on the link below.